City Life Church, San Diego
We are a gospel centered, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, Bilingual, multi-socioeconomic, multi-political party church in Southeast San Diego with the desire to see people of all tribes and tongues gathered together in unity under the brilliant banner of Jesus. 

God has given us hope, joy and a new family.  We cannot keep Him to ourselves.  Everything we do comes out of the hope we profess and we are bursting at the seams with thankfulness. 

We are awkward, dope, broken, chill, crazy, repaired, fun, annoying and intentional.  It's hard to define people who are so different that choose to be in relationship because it is good, not because it is always easy. Come hang out with us on a weekend or a weekday. We hope you'll find family with City Life Church, San Diego.

Why is being a multi-ethnic church so important to us? Click here to see why.