The Vision
No more special than the Church down the street, City Life was birthed out of joy.  We are the product of City Life Church in Wichita, KS, who decided to unselfishly send people and resources to San Diego for the purpose of sharing God’s love with San Diego.

Unique in form from other churches and similar in devotion to Jesus.

A church that desires to be for the City.  People who encourage each other as we seek to draw attention to Jesus.

Equipping the believer to share the saving love of Christ with all they come in contact with and enjoying Him together.

A bit about us.

We desire to be a multi-ethnic congregation that reflects the beauty and diversity of our city.

How City Life San Diego came to be.

1. Sunday morning.
Sunday mornings we gather together to sing songs to God and learn from the Bible.  That might sound kinda boring, but it feels pretty exciting to us. 

2. Multi-Ethnic diversity.
We believe the church is best when it is as diverse as the community. Southeast San Diego is dense and diverse, which creates the perfect recipe for a woven tapestry of a church. When Christians follow Jesus our loyalties change. We celebrate our ethnicities but willingly bend for each other when gathering together on Sundays or meeting in homes. We believe our willingness to treat each other as more important than ourselves tells the world about whom we follow. More Here:

3. City groups
Our hope for city groups is as our church expands so our city groups expand to neighborhoods throughout San Diego.  (Hopefully near you!)  City groups find a local mission, school or local need and serve them once a month. 
We also have meals together once a month.  We try to keep those meals as not churchy as possible.
We try to keep these groups under 20 but they can fluctuate over during certain seasons.

4. Growth groups.
We encourage same gender groups to meet throughout the city at times that work for them.  We have a written prompt so anyone can take anyone through the Bible.  These groups pray for each other and encourage each other.  They should never be larger than five. 

5. Simplicity.
Throughout the year we do other things like conferences and special events, but not very many.  Mostly because we don't want church bogging you down.  We want you to grow closer to God, find friends, encouragement, and accountability in the Church.  But we still want you to spend time with people outside the church and if your schedule is packed, you'll end up becoming an awkward churchy person.  We don't want that for you, or anyone

6. SBC
City Life willingly partners with the Southern Baptist Church for networking purposes and mutual goals of seeing the gospel transform everything.