Growth groups are same gender groups that meet at different times throughout the city.
They mostly study the Bible and are 45-90 minutes.  The groups vary in size but are no larger than five.
The questions are below and they are often updated as we are still figuring out how to make them better.

Updated 1-3-2017

Growth group questions:

1. What is the context of this passage?
(What did you last read?  Who is the writer?   What is the central idea of the book?) 
************Read Passage***************
2. Are there any words or phrases you didn’t understand?
3. Did you notice any repeated words, themes or images?
4. Simply put in one or two sentences, what is the main point of this passage

5. What did you like about what we just read?
6. What didn’t you like?
7. What did you see about the character of God?
8. Regardless of where your faith is right now, how does this passage apply to your life presently?

Whom is God calling you to love well right now?
Where do you need prayer?

Pray for each other.
Close in prayer.

Further study:
Old Testament only-

Did the passage point to the good news about Jesus in any way? (Don’t make it up if it’s not there)