So I had a dream recently

8-9-2014 (Archive)

Two nights ago I had a dream that I was in the downtown area of San Diego.  Most likely it was the Gas Lamp but I felt like I could see most of San Diego, so it was probably a weird dream state version of my home town.  Boats were coming into the harbor with Christmas lights on them.  It was evening and I was by the pool of some swanky hotel downtown.  A cool evening breeze rustled the palm trees.  Bright blue lights from the pool, reflecting on the faces of those around me. They all seemed to know I was planting a church in downtown San Diego and they all casually remarked how nice it was to start a church in paradise.  A woman with short blonde hair, red lipstick, perfect white teeth and a shiny cocktail dress pointed a finger out to “America’s finest city” and remarked at how perfect it was. As my gaze went beyond the smiling faces and the laughter faded to the background, I saw downtown San Diego.  Small pockets of light shone throughout the downtown area but darkness  dominated.  I knew in my heart pain, hurt and fear were lurking in the shadows.  “No” I said.  “It is not perfect.”  I felt my heartbeat quicken.  I was ruining this weird party.  Smiles faded.  I was the wet blanket.  They insisted I was wrong and soon after I awoke.”Paradise.”

That is where I am taking my family.  I believe God is working in great ways in San Diego, through His Church and through His Holy Spirit.  I am honored He would call our family to join in the assault on the darkness.  Many will not understand.  Many will not see the desperate need.  However, we will bear the light with boldness as we venture into places cold and murky.  Jesus is our Light.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” -John 1:5