Learn about us in video form.

Tired of pretending you have your crap together?   Tired of wearing a mask? 

We were too.  That is why we started City Life Church.  We are a group of Christians (some might not call themselves Christians, yet) who gather a couple times a week.  On Sundays we teach from the Bible in a way that is accessible but not watered down.  

(We think it's better for you to hear from the Bible than just what we think.)
We also sing songs to God, teach the kiddos, pray and sometimes lament that the Padres can't seem to ever win anymore.

On Wednesdays we gather together for City Groups, often for a meal and take off our masks around each other.  We share our hurts, fears and often our victories.  We pray for each other and encourage one another. 

We believe the Church is not supposed to be for our needs only.  We desire to be here for you.  If you are a Christian who wants to make a difference in San Diego or you don't believe in anything anymore, we'd love to have the opportunity to get to know you and have you learn about us.

You can click all the links above to learn a bit about us, you can find us on Facebook, twitter, or you can come visit us sometime soon. 

Thanks for reading this far,

-Dale Huntington
Pastor for City Life Church San Diego